This summer I was lucky enough to be asked by the lovely team at Proudfoot to make another film for the Rolex Awards for Enterprise.  I spent a a week in Bangalore, shooting with Neeti Kailas who has been honoured by Rolex as one of their Young Laureates 2014.

Neeti along with her husband Nitin and colleagues are working to dramatically increase the number of newborn babies in India who are screened for hearing loss.  Children whose deafness is not detected early enough will not have the chance to learn to speak.  Neeti is working on a simple and low cost device that will enable many more babies to be tested.

The film has been edited by Eddie, Michael and the team at Proudfoot.

An overview of of this inspiring project can be found on the Rolex Awards website.

Neeti Kailas, 2014 Rolex Young Laureate from Rolex Awards for Enterprise on Vimeo.